How to get and play Heng Yue in Dislyte – Unas Guide

Dislyte has many Espears that can be assembled and added to your detachment, but you need to create a balanced team consisting of fighters, support, controllers and defenders. If you need a strong support detachment, then do not look for anything but Han Yue, who has the power of the Chinese deity Chane.

How to get Heng Yue in Dislyte

Han Yue-Esper of support with four stars, which can be pulled out with gold notes . As four-star, it is rare, and it will be more difficult to pull out than three-star escapers. So you may take some time to pull it out. But good support espers is an important part of your detachment, so you should try to unlock it.


Hen Yue is good?-How to use Heng Yue

Hen Yue is quite good and excellent in at the beginning and middle of the game . Its set rotates around the healing and removal of debuffs from your escorts, as well as removing positive effects from enemy units. Unfortunately, she makes fall at the end of the game , especially in comparison with the best support esers, such as Sally, Unas, Gabrielle and Clara. Here are the relics that we recommend equipping Han Yue.

4-set *: windbrush, unchanged panacea
2-set *: Adamantine, light at the top, grove of masters or avatar sword.

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