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LOL: The strongest champions you can play in URF after the gigantic patch 12.10

Although most players spend most of their time in League of Legends main game mode, the other ways are still popular. Since the last update brought great changes in the balance of the game, to the point of altering the tierlists in the invoker crack, it would be interesting to see its impact on other game modes. Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) has been Our first candidate.

Four champions that dominate URF

In the upper part of the URF Tierlist is Kayle. While her power gain in the invoker’s crack is not so surprising given the patch, her domain in URF is a greater surprise. Usually, champions who can launch their spells much more frequently have an advantage, but Kayle trusts her more than her skills.

** Seeing her with a 63% victorious rate is unexpected and confirms her current power. Excelsa lunge takes advantage of URF mechanics, which gives it almost unlimited, while its passive is activated more frequently. Not to mention the fact that she can possibly launch two definitive for each Teamfight with the appropriate build (and an adequate situation, that is, a relatively long struggle for URF).

Wukong and Sona complete the podium. The Mono King is already very strong in the Toplane, and seeing him dominate in the URF is not surprising. This game mode gives you even more mobility, of which you can sometimes lack in classic mode. Its definitive ** is excellent for any Combo Wombo.

This allows you to fit all strategies. This is also the characteristic of Sona, which is the champion that benefits the most from URF mechanics. Thanks to the improved speed of spell recharge, it is as if your four allies were permanently under the three blessings of the muse. Of course, Sona is not balanced for this situation, which makes it very powerful in URF.

What has changed the patch?

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If we look at the statistics of patch 12.9, we realize that the situation has not changed much. Kayle already dominated at that time, like Wukong and Sona, who formed the first three . Fiora benefited more from the patch, falling from eighth to the second, but in general it does not change much . The champion was very strong in this way before the patch, so the situation of it has not changed much. The URF tierlist has generally moved a little, but without major changes.

Even looking upside down, no champion saw his victorious index greatly increase and went from bad to medium or even good. Finally, this may be the important information, since although the patch had a great impact on the mode Classic, so far it has not changed much in URF.