Type Moon Wizards Night console version released in December

The official PV video was released with the exact release date of the Type Moon Visual Nobel ‘Wizard Night’ console version, which is receiving a lot of attention from the full voice.

Type Moon released the first official PV video of the wizard’s night console version on the official website and YouTube on the 27th. In this video, you can see the exact release date of the game, which was known only in December, and the character voice recorded by voice actors and the remastered graphics. According to the released video, the wizard’s night console version will be released on December 8th.

Month in Review - December 2019

The wizard’s night, which was released in 2012, is a work about the past of Aozaki Aoko, a wizard who handed over-restraint glasses to Tomono Shiki in Wolhee, the first visual Nobel in the type. Among the various types of doors, the setting of magic is the most different, and it is also related to other types of doors, so it has received a lot of interest in the release of console versions and remasters from fans.

The console version, which is scheduled to be released in December, adds a full voice ambassador that is not in the original, and the graphics will also be improved to full HD. In fact, it can be called a remaster.

The wizard’s night console version will be released on December 8th with PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is not supported by Korean, and it is not yet determined to re-release the PC.