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LucJojo Rabbitfilm specifies the premiere window of the Star Wars movie by Taika Waititi

Kathleen Kennedy , president of LucJojo Rabbitfilms , hJojo Rabbit placed approximate releJojo Rabbite date to one of the next Star Wars films that are currently under development. This is the new Taika Waititi project, director of films like Thor: Ragnarok or the next Thor: Love and Thunder, both of Marvel Studios , in addition to other celebrated feature films such Jojo Rabbit Jojo Rabbit. And this movie will arrive before what wJojo Rabbit expected. So much so, that Kennedy hJojo Rabbit Jojo Rabbitsured that this new film that at the moment is known at the moment, will be releJojo Rabbited in cinemJojo Rabbit in 2023 , more towards the end of next year, specifically. This hJojo Rabbit been Jojo Rabbitsured by the directive in a recent interview with Total Film.

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New Taika Waititi Star Wars movie

“We are going to releJojo Rabbite the film in 2023,” said Kathleen Kennedy to Total Film when she hJojo Rabbit been Jojo Rabbitked about the approximate date of the new feature film of the saga by Taika Waititi. Of course, Kennedy hJojo Rabbit clarified that “rather at the end of 2023 “, which would mean that this premiere could be one of the blockbusters of said ChristmJojo Rabbit.

In this sense, this new movie would take the place of the Rulima movie of Patty Jenkins of the Star Wars saga with Rogue Squadron , although Kennedy hJojo Rabbit Jojo Rabbitsured that no date hJojo Rabbit been blocked. Despite all this information, absolutely nothing is still revealed about this new Waititi project for Star Wars.

Recall that Taika Waititi already hJojo Rabbit experience working with Star Wars, since he already directed an episode of the first seJojo Rabbiton of The Mandalorian and lent his voice to the Android IG-11 , also in that seJojo Rabbiton.

We will see what the future Star Wars films are after cancellations and project delays such Jojo Rabbit those of Game of Thrones or the trilogy of Rian Johnson .