Destiny 2

How to get the title of Reaper in Destiny 2 – all triumphs

One of many ways that you can set up your guard is to equip the title. The name will be placed by a small fragment of a purple text under your player tag so that other players can see it. Each new Destiny 2 season receives its own title, and in order to unlock it, you need to perform several triumphs. Here’s how to get the title of reaper, having completed all the triumph of the Ghost season in Destiny 2.

The whole season of ghostly triumphs for the title of Reaper in Destiny 2

In total, the guards need to perform 10 triumphs to unlock the title of the reaper. Here are all the triumphs and their requirements:

Severurens *-Complete the mission related to sorrow.
The seller’s improvements are unlocked *-unlock all improvements for the crown of sorrow.


Tritainment *-Successfully defeat each boss of containing nightmares of the level III. Three of them are changing every week: Elikris, anastons and pillowing.
Reaper of sadness -Tie nightmares after the end of measures to contain nightmares of level III.
The malicious ghost -win fighters and guards with the help of weapons of the ghost season. The defeated guards give additional progress.
Reaper’s blade *-Destroy opponents on an abandoned leviathan with a braid.
Luxurious greed -Open the locked chests with luxurious keys on an abandoned Leviathan.
Return of the Shadow -Destroy the dangerous threats of the loyalists, exploring the destination abandoned Leviathan and get the triumphs below.
* Feverish sleep
* Guard is a keeper, even in a nightmare
* Start the destruction of their commanders, one after another
* Controlled burning
* To hear, not to pay attention-in the tasks North find and listen to each of the Kalus machines.
* Fan No. 1 -Collect all the worthy images of Kalus aboard an abandoned leviathan and proudly show them to Helm.

Having collected all these triumphs, you will receive several exotic objects along the way and reward you with the title of Reaper.

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