Dear free Diablo Immortal – it is calculated how much you have to spend to maximize the hero’s buildup

The Action-RPG Diablo Immortal, which started on June 1, has already managed to earn 800 million dollars in the first day from the moment of release, and this is only data from mobile devices. The author of the YouTube channel Bellular News decided to calculate how much money would have to be spent in the game to get the legendary gems that are necessary for maximum buildup of one character.

The result is difficult to call comforting. According to estimates, it turns out that you can spend 110,000 dollars or more than 6.5 million rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on improving your hero. But this is ideal, because legendary gems fall out with a certain chance, and not guaranteed. These are the very Lutboxes, because of which the game was banned in Holland and Belgium earlier.

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