Final fantasy xiv

Fantasy MMORPG with TATSUMEEKO blockchain received $ 7.5 million investments

The cross-platform fantasy MMORPG-LITE TATSUMEEKO with blockchain elements attracted an investment of $ 7.5 million, which the Tatsu Singapore studio. GG is going to spend on further development of the game. Along with this announcement, a new teaser trailer was presented with fragments of the gameplay.

In Tatsumeeko, players will be able to fight monsters, explore the world of Lelia, create their communities, engage in gathering, agriculture and other activities.

Meekolony NFT will also be used here, and its blockchain elements will be released through Ethereum and SOLANA. Tatsu studio. The GG has already released Meekolony Pass with a series of 10,000 NFT, which anyone can use to obtain intra-game bonuses and access to special options for tuning the avatar. And next month it is planned to start the sale of AetherEal Parcels, certain plots of land that provide special attributes for the owner and players interacting with it.

If you are not interested in blockchain and NFT, then the developers promise to provide the opportunity to play without them.

Tatsumeeko will be available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, a web browser and even in Discord (it will be a kind of chatbot). In more detail about the game, those who are interested can find out here.