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New images of the Resident Evil series are presented

The celebration for the newly anniversary of the saga resident evil In a very short time. And although we already have their first trailer fans want to see more, so new images of this world full of terror have been released.

According to his showrunner, Andrew Dabb, the program will not be an adaptation of a specific game, but a new story that uses the tradition and events of all titles as a background history. The central point is the daughter of Albert Wesker, Jade, who is described as as Jane Goodall for zombies, an academic who has been trying to learn their behavior.

Here the photos:

The production team has enough faith to this new project, since it is a story never told, with a somewhat rookie cast that could rule out having resident evil in between. The aspects of some characters have not convinced fans for now, but it will be a matter of waiting to see if in the end the plot meets expectations.

Remember that the series opens next June 14 in Netflix _.

In news related to the franchise. One by one was made in which the two versions of Resident Evil 4 are put to see how much the remake graphics will change. If you want to take a look at the full note, we leave you the following link.