That company game is revived! Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition will be released for the late 2022 PS5/PS4

In November of last year, we told you information about the conclusion of the right transfer agreement on Tumorrow Children, but this time as Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition for PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4. It has been announced by Cue Games that it will be released.

In this revival, this work, listening to the game design that was considered at the beginning of the original version of the development, listening to the feedback from the origin, changed to a mechanism that does not depend on the central server, eliminating the billing elements, and more exciting. It seems that you will be able to enjoy the company animal game.

◆ That company game revives! Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition will be released for the late 2022 PS5/PS4


This work, an online sort of action game, will return to PlayStation 4 with an extension to PlayStation 5 in late 2022.

Tomorrow Children was released in 2016 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. At the end of last year, Q-Games has acquired the rights of Tomorrow Children and has been working on the development of a revival version, including abundant new content and new features.

The stage of Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition is the future where a secret project that unifies all humanity failed. The comrade projection clones left the serious task of regaining the prosperity of mankind. This new life form goes deep into the voice to find human survival. Humanity can be revived only by the determination and cooperation of comrades.

Players can explore more than 40 mysterious islands, find resources mining and treasures, and build a town for human reconstruction in cooperation with online comrades. The Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition, which is scheduled to be released this time, includes a variety of new elements, such as searching for new islands, improving the game introduction part, adding unreleased items and new play.

The biggest change is that we have returned to the original game design to provide premium experiences. As I listened to the feedback from the community, I changed it to a mechanism that does not depend on the central server while searching for a way to make Tomorrow Children playable. In addition, the elimination of the billing element has made it possible to adjust the exciting game balance.

■ Q-Games CEO and founder Dylan’s message

Today is a special day for our team in Kyoto to publish the entire revival of this title. Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition, this title name is a name worthy of a project that has been revived again for fans who have continued to hope for the resurrection after the service ends.

I focused on improving the introduction part so that the first time I played it would be easier to start the game, and made many changes based on the voice of a veteran player. A lot of new islands, items, and new play have been added, and it has changed to more exciting games. At the time of release this year, I’m looking forward to visiting your town.

The Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition will be released in the second half of this year as a premium title expanded for PlayStation 5, which supports pierced multiplayer in PlayStation 4, has many new features and extended for PlayStation 5. Interviews with the Q-Games development team, exclusive preview videos, and latest information are available in the newsletter as soon as possible.

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