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The New League of Legends Melee Champion Nilah Confirmed by Riot Games

Bel’Veth has barely made it to League of Legends, and Riot Games’ next MOBA champion is already closer than we think. The supposed look of the shooter was leaked by a YouTube channel specializing in this type of content. Just as the release of Empress of the Void was riddled with leaks, something similar is happening with the new ADC: the leaks claim that Nilah is her name and that she will look like a Yasuo of the water.

The New LoL champion has alleged leaked concept art
Nilah’s alleged visual art has been circulating the internet after content creators specializing in leaks shared it. The image shows a champion with a water whip, a weapon that Riot Games have already confirmed.

In the video posted by Big Bad Bear, he also compares the sniper’s leg prop to the teaser published by Riot Games at the start of the 2022 Season.

New melee champion confirmed by Riot Games
During Riot Games’ special start-of-the-year broadcast, it was confirmed that three champions would arrive in League of Legends throughout 2022: shadow support, a terrifying hunter, and a whip-sniper. Or respectively: Renata Glass, Bel’Veth, and supposedly Nilah.

The whip sniper was again mentioned in the April 2022 Map of Champions. Periodic post made by League of Legends developers to share details about new characters.

In the publication, we are introduced to a dangerous and colorful stranger who came from the land of a thousand colors across the ocean – supposedly Nilah.

When does the new champion in LoL arrive?
According to the official update schedule, LoL’s new champion Nilah may arrive in Patch 12.13 on July 13th or Patch 12.14 on July 27th. This is because it is expected to be implemented in the MOBA along with the Star Guardians event, including a themed skin. Despite not yet being confirmed by Riot Games, all indications indicate that it is the next big event in League of Legends.

Community theories further indicate that the new shooter may be a non-binary champion. As a coincidence, the champion may have been mentioned in a news story from Riot Games that confirms that Graves is gay and suggests romance with Twisted Fate – the tale was published as part of LGBTQIAP+ Pride Month, which this year brought missions and rewards within LoL.