Mexico will have representation at the Pokemon Unite World Cup!

Since last year Pokémon Unite has become a eSport , being a kind of League of Legends , but with the touches that distinguish the pocket monsters. And precisely several teams that will pass to the World Championship were released, including Mamitas Club , the official representative that goes on behalf of Mexico .

A few months ago, users around the world have been looking for a place to participate in the World Championship, which will take place neither more nor less than in London . It is worth noting that North and South America have already selected their representatives, but now they go for the rest of the world in the tournament.


These events have had their respective rewards, with budgets that go beyond million dollars in prizes, thus having a good gain for each team member and their representatives. Now, Mamitas Club You will have the opportunity to take a trophy with your name and also $ 500,000 USD extra if they are crowned as the best in the property.

Since the arrival of Pokémon Unite to consoles and mobiles, many users have not taken off from their devices to gradually become experts, since Leguas was appreciated that it would become an electronic sport. It is even quite surprising that soon he had official support throughout the American continent.

There are still no confirmed dates for the games that will be held in London .

Remember that the game is available at Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.