Is Fall Guys in Steam? How to play Fall Guys with Epic Games Launcher

Fall Guys has recently gone through many changes, including updates and the last exclusive Mediatonic. So with everything that is happening, Fall Guys is still in Steam? Here is everything you need to know about the last transfer and How to play the game using Epic Games Launcher .

Are Fall Guys in Steam? Answered

Even if Fall Guys has previously been in Steam, Mediaatonic announced that would be not to be on the platform. Instead, the main main title will now be in Epic Games Launcher with the opportunity to play the game completely free. Of course, those who have bought Fall Guys in Steam will continue to obtain benefits and full support through other platforms, such as PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store.

If you are not familiar with Epic Games Launcher, we will review the steps you must follow to play through this alternative platform.

How to play Fall Guys with Epic Games Launcher

Since Fall Guys Free for All will no longer be in Steam, players will have to play it on other platforms. Here is How to play Fall Guys using Epic Games Launcher .

* Download the epic game initiator.

The first step to do (if you have not yet done so) is to download the Epic Games file through its website. After that, Mac and PC users must follow the instructions to start the program and create an account.

* Get Fall Guys through the store.

Then you must go to Fall Guys page at Epic Games Store. Click the ‘Obtain’ button and see the Epic Games Store user license agreement. Once you have marked the box at the end, you must press the ‘Accept’ button to continue.

* Make your order at Epic Games Store.

Now is the time to order inside the store. As mentioned above, Fall Guys is free, so don’t worry about the cost of the game.

* Open Epic Games Launcher and see your library.

If you have correctly downloaded the platform, Open Epic Games Launcher to start playing Fall Guys. The game must still be installed completely through this mechanics, so it can take a few more minutes.
Once the download is completed, you can start the game.

* Play Fall Guys.

After doing all these steps, it is time to have fun and play. Keep in mind that there will be some updates that you must install to continue, which may indicate that you restart Fall Guys.

We hope that Steam players can make a transition without problems after reading this guide on How to play Fall Guys in Epic Games Launcher . As future updates and seasonal exclusives continue to appear, stay attentive to more content about the game and be sure to also consult the relevant links below.

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