Kojima Productions offers a things against battle to help Ukraine evacuees

The Ukraine War has not just affected videogame beneficial initiatives.

At the moment, these chains, produced in Duralumin and with a thick belt, can be booked through the shop, with the shipping intended for the months of August as well as September . As we state, the benefits will be guided directly to organizations that are taking treatment of the scenario of refugees in the nation of the rising sunlight.

This is an amulet for the peace of Ludens The Ludens Peace Mark Device is an amulet shaped like the tranquility symbol that advises of the fastening that the study character brings and also markets at a cost at a cost of 40 bucks. Kojima already got made use of to a anti-war speech in the Metal Gear legend of Konami, so we are not amazed by this initiative that promotes for peace.

In connection to the advancement of video clip games, Hideo Kojima has lately been news for showing up in the Xbox event to confirm that he He is having fun with Microsoft . We do not know anything past that he will use cloud technology, although we are most likely to see Death Stranding 2 in the future.

They have joined this week Kojima Productions , the research led by Hideo Kojima and also in charge of Death Stranding. On the main website of the company it is detailed that in the shop we can locate products whose benefits will certainly be predestined to to assist Ukrainian refugees in Japan .