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Online Spiral Fireworks Steam version is now available. Up to 20 people shared, fleeting but beautiful

Atsuki Miyamura, a domestic indie game developer, has launched the Steam version of Online Blue Fireworks on June 24. The regular price is 480 yen including tax. Until July 2, you can purchase for 10 % off 432 yen.

Online Spirit Fireworks is a game that plays pilgrims with someone online. A sparklers are a type of fireworks on hand. When playing, first light the tip of the sparklers containing gunpowder. Then, a small fireball dwells on the fireworks, and a slight flash sparkles in the dark. You can see the ephemeral but beautiful, instant shine. As the name suggests, this work, Online Spirit, is a game where you can play with someone with someone online. When the game starts, the player has a sparkling fireworks. If there is no one in the online room or if there is no burning park, a candle with one fire appears. By lighting the sparklers, you can see the fireworks burning on the screen. The incense fire of this work has a similarity to the real thing, such as when the fireball is moved greatly when the combustion fireworks are moved greatly.

In this work, up to 20 people can play sparks in the same room. If someone in the room has a fire-lit pubic fireworks, it is also possible to get a fire from it. There is no direct communication means in the game, such as chat. A little communication that does not use words, such as a sparkleworks and dare to run away from the fire sparklers, is also a feature of this work.

As an element, when creating a room, you can select a place from 12 types, from Hokkaido to Okinawa and Cairo to Antarctica. For example, when you choose Antarctica, the temperature is greatly below freezing, and if it rains in that place, it will be rainy in the game. The environment of the selected place in reality is reflected in the rooms in the game. In addition, the way of glowing changes depending on the sky and temperature. If the data is not well obtained, it may be set in an environment that is different from the reality, but various sparks will be seen depending on the situation at that time.

This work was developed by Atsuki Miyamura, an indie game developer in Japan and a 3D background artist. In this work, the PC browser version is released for free in September 2020 (currently adjusted). From June 2021, the iOS/Android version has been distributed free of charge. Although there are no additional elements in the Steam version released this time, sparks can be played on a large screen. Communication with the mobile version is also possible. According to his tweet, the next work is real-time branch 3D novel game is underway. The work seems to be being developed for an experience that makes you want to talk to someone.

The Online Spiral Fireworks Steam version is being distributed for 480 yen including regular price tax. The iOS/Android version is also available for free.