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The box office is Tannon 2022 G -Star all -time successful notice [IT magnifier]

[early Moon Young-soo] G-Star, which has been in frost for the past two years due to the spread of Corona 19, is expected to be held this year. As the needs for offline exhibitions have increased after the transition to the ended, the application for large booth application for B2C (user) closed early and the size of the exhibition has increased.

According to the G-Star Organizing Committee on the 27th, the entire booth of the G-Star 2022 B2C Hall 1, which will be held in BEXCO, Busan from November 17 to 20, was closed. The Organizing Committee will proceed with the B2C Hall (Hybrid Zone) general application on the third floor of the 2nd exhibition hall under the first exhibition booth closing. This is the first time this year that the B2C space is located in the second exhibition hall. The G-Star 2nd exhibition hall in BEXCO has only been installed by B2B.

The participation of G-Star 2022 was detected from the ‘Super Early Bird’ stage in early April. Super Early Birds has been successful enough to close the B2C pavilion booth in early May, which is a month after the start of the new site. The Organizing Committee explains that the B2C general application, which will be closed on September 23, is expected to end early.

Normally, the main sponsor, which was known one or two months before the opening of the G-Star, was also unusually released. Wemade attracted attention by announced that it would participate in the G-Star 2022 main sponsor on the 24th, and announced plans to establish a 200-booth B2C exhibition hall.

With the B2C Hall (Hybrid Zone) on the 3rd floor of the 2nd exhibition hall, the B2B pavilion has been inevitable compared to the previous year. However, the Organizing Committee plans to help smooth business through the non-face-to-face online B2B system, which has been operated over the past two years.

The G-Star Organizing Committee said, This year, we are preparing for G-Star’s complete normalization. This year, there will be a lot of visitors from the perspective of the visitors.

G-Star, a game exhibition representing the Korean game industry, has been reversed for the past two years due to the spread of Corona 19. In 2020, it was converted to a full online event, and the 2021 event was conducted in a hybrid form with online and offline exhibitions, but Nexon, Netmarble, and NCsoft all declared their absence.

The game industry, on the other hand, is predicting that G-Star will be booming in history this year. This is due to the surge in the exhibition needs after the Corona 19-endmick transition. In fact, the 2022 Play Expo, which was held in Goyang KINTEX for three days from May 12 to 15, was visited by 76,29 visitors. The cumulative audience of the combined channel of the Gyeonggi e-sports festival, which was broadcast live online, also recorded 45,29.