The best assembly of the tricster in Outriders WorldSlayer

Triker is one of the four classes in Outriders. With a new out-to-date Outriders Worldslayer, all classes have new PAX trees, Ascension glasses and legendary collection items. The Trickster class is a class Bey-Bogi style from close range, which can manipulate time in its interests. Here is the best assembly of Trickster for Outriders WorldSlayer.

Skills Trickster

Like a tricster, your main skill of damage twisted rounds . Twisted Rounds will significantly increase your damage from equipment and give you unlimited ammunition while the skill remains active. Hunting for prey This is the skill of movement used to teleport yourself from troubles and the provision of a shield bonus to give your health time to restore. Venator’s knife marks goals and doubles the damage caused by this purpose. If desired, the veinator knife can be replaced by a fault in time and used in a similar way.

Trickster mods and equipment

All equipment in Outriders is random; It is difficult to find the perfect details for your assembly without spending a watch on grinding specific parts. Because of this, it is better to focus on obtaining the right mods and additional characteristics for your equipment than to use legendary sets as they are found. The best mods for this tricster:

Instant reboot * (prey hunting): Teleportation instantly replenishes the store of your current weapons.
Strong turn * (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, increases the firepower of the weapon by another 20%.

* Succession of life (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, fatal shots heal you at 5% of your goal.

You can install several other mods to increase the effectiveness of your skills; However, these three are mandatory. Instant reboot will allow the unlimited time of the non-precise operation of your Twisted Rounds, as your current store will be full. You can also use the weapon mod Eternal engine to update your ammunition. As for secondary statistics, you should look for three:

Damage from close range *: additional damage from weapons is caused to enemies within a radius of 10 meters from you.
Bonus of firepower : increases the damage from the weapon applied by your character.
reduction of reloading : reduces the restoration time of your skills.

Glasses of Ascension Trickster

New in Outriders WorldSlayer are ascension points. For a tricster, arrange priorities cruelty wood that increases the damage of your weapons and firepower. Maximize each node in the following order:

Cruelty *: Damage from close range
Cruelty : Damage from weapons
Mastery : store size
* Cruelty : armor-piercing

Your remaining points can be placed in skill to increase the chance of a critical blow, critical damage and reduction of reloading.

Glasses of Class Trickster

Since this assembly is focused on maintaining the activity of Twisted Rounds, you always use a shotgun and never change the weapon. The killer wood is your main goal, and you will choose nodes that enhance damage from the shotgun, damage from close range and damage from weapons.


Trickster Pax glasses

Tricksters PAX glasses should be specialized for ghost a tree aimed at spectral spike . This skill causes additional damage equal to 15% of your abnormal strength, summing up to 750%.

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