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Kakao Games bought another 30.37% of Odin: Valhalla Riding developers

The Korean Gamer Giant Kakao Games acquired a 30.37% stake in the Lionheart Studio studio. As a result of this transaction, KAKAO Games now has an Odin: Valhalla Rising developers in the amount of 54.95% of all shares.


Lionheart Studio acquired special attention of the public after their Odin: Valhalla Rising was the first mobile game to receive the main prize at the annual Korean Game Awards.

It is reported that the Korean Odin: Valhalla Rising server brought the publisher more than $ 350 million in the first 180 days of existence, and the capitalization of the Lionheart Studio currently exceeds $ 3 billion. The global release of Odin: Valhalla Rising is expected this year, but this event does not yet have the exact date.