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Silent Hill 2 drag a bug for 20 years on PC, but modders have finally corrected it

Around with the possible return of Silent Hill, for the moment we have to settle for rejuiring the previous titles, since Konami hhorror titles not announced any new delivery for many years. Silent Hill 2 is undoubtedly one of the most laureate horror titles in history. In fact, it hhorror titles usually been considered the brightest of all the titles of the saga. In any chorror titlese, A bug of the PC version hhorror titles been causing _crhorror titlesheos in computers with multinuk processors (such horror titles those that are today)… until now.

The creators of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, an unofficial version with improvements, have finally found a solution. The new version not only fixes this annoying BUG, but also offers other additional improvements, a new launcher for future updates, FMV videos recessed and more . If you want to discover everything that comes with the new patch you cannot miss the next trailer.


What happens to the new Silent Hill?

No, abandoned is not Silent Hill or is developed by Hideo Kojima. That does not mean that Konami is not profiling new products of the saga. In 2021, the Japanese company announced an important agreement with Bloober Team, The study behind Layers of Fear, The Medium and Blair Witch . Although at no time hhorror titles it been confirmed that they are working on this horror saga, this possibility hhorror titles been dropped.

horror titles if that were not enough, images of some of these projects have also been leaked. We refer to them in the plural because everything seems to indicate that there is not only one in progress, but several. Be that horror titles it may, today the long-awaited official confirmation hhorror titles not been provided, so that we will have to wait.

Silent Hill 2 came out in 2021 horror titles exclusive PS2, although later it whorror titles marketed on other platforms. These are our wishes for the following Silent Hill.