Triumphaler Rossi finishes Brazils World Cup

The Squadra Azzurra did not defended itself by itself as well as compensated itself early for its active method: after a cross, the ventilated Brazilian protection hung up the lucky and also because 1979 goalless Rossi, that easily headed the 1-0 (5. ).

Because the Seleçao would have sufficed in the last intermediate round, yet needed to win Italy for the semi-finals, the outsider in Barcelona’s district of Sarria eliminated it more vibrant when numerous might anticipate that.

The Globe Cup favorite Brazil after that shook briefly, even after the center ahead of Serginho, that was criticized, had left a top-class carpenter (11th). However after that Zico escaped his guard Gentile and sent Socrates on the trip, the Zoff overcame-1: 1 (12th) in the brief edge.

a significant negative pass

The Brazilians needed to maintain, yet their teeth constantly attack their teeth on the Italian defensive. In the 68th minute it was lastly Falcao who overcame Zoff with a long-range shot. This 2: 2 would have sufficed for the TELE Santana group, however Brazil continued to play ahead as well as fell back after an edge: Rossi laced the triple pack (75th) from a few meters.

In the second fifty percent, too, it was remarkably open. Brazil was unable to understand the Italians completely without the assistance of the Zico, which was secured of the video game, whose 40-year-old goalkeeper Zoff versus Cerezo obstructed the equalization (55. ). Quickly afterwards, Rossi missed out on a substantial possibility of 3: 1 (58th).

In vain complaints: guard gentile also zico’s jersey. Imago sporting activities image solution

After the payment, the Seleçao gradually discovered their leading game, Italy continued to be an undesirable opponent via a great organization and also straight counterattacks who understood exactly how to make the most of: Rossi caught Cerezo’s driving wrong pass and also got rid of Brazil’s objective a second time (25th). On the various other hand, Socrates missed his second objective (33. ).

Zoff once more definitive

Brazil was not able to master the Italians totally without the aid of the Zico, which was taken out of the video game, whose 40-year-old goalkeeper Zoff versus Cerezo obstructed the equalization (55. ). Quickly later on, Rossi missed out on a significant opportunity of 3: 1 (58th).

This 2: 2 would certainly have been enough for the TELE Santana team, however Brazil proceeded to play onward as well as dropped behind after an edge: Rossi laced the three-way pack (75th) from a few meters.

A huge rise in efficiency of Enzo Bearzot, particularly demonstrator Rossi, indicates Italy’s entry right into the semi-finals against Poland. Top favorite Brazil, who would have been a tie for development, instantly rules out too soon.


In the last stage, the Seleçao ended up being increasingly anxious.

In the final stage, the Seleçao became increasingly nervous. The very same was based on an Italian counterattack for Antognoni-a clear incorrect decision (88th).