Golf game full of flying tools CURSED to Golf will be released on August 18. Purgatory golf adventure born in Kyoto

THUNDERFUL GAMES announced on July 8 that it will release Cursed to Golf on August 18. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. According to the Steam store page, it also supports Japanese display.

Cursed to Golf is a 2D golf action game. The protagonist is a cursed golfer who died unexpectedly just before the tournament championship. The protagonist will challenge each course of golf purgatory to return to this world. At the end of them, you may be able to get the winning trophy in your hand.

This work features a gameplay that combines golf and horizontal scrolling action. The player decides the power of the hitting and the upper and lower angles with a good timing operation. Shot the ball and draw the target trajectory. And like the actual golf, the protagonist moves through the place where the ball has fallen and aims to be in the hole. However, in this work, it is necessary to go around the stage within the default percent (number of shots). When the count is exceeded, the stage is started over. Unnecessary shots are forbidden.

On the course, bunkers (sandy lands) and rough (rough turf) are located, as well as thorn floors where the ball disappears when it falls. In addition, various obstacles such as TNT bombs and teleport zones are located. Equipped with a function called Pardi Eye, which allows you to overlook such courses. It is possible to assume the path of capture in advance. On the other hand, depending on the course, there are cases where percent is not enough in the first place. In that case, the percent can be recovered by applying the ball to the object called the image of the shot. In addition, there seems to be a special shot skill, such as stopping the ball in the air and dropping it directly below.


It is said that this work includes a golf course consisting of more than 100 holes (stages). It seems that rogue-light elements, which are randomly placed in the course, are also adopted. In addition to mini-games, Daily Challenge mode is also included. The online leader board will be installed, so you can compete with other players.

This work is a Chuhai Labs based in Kyoto. In the past, titles such as CARVE Snowboarding for Oculus Quest and WhiteWater Wipeout for PlayDate, a mobile game console that plays by turning the crank. The studio is saying that he is dedicated to groundbreaking games and IP development. This work, which features an unusual gameplay that incorporates golf elements, will also be utilizing the characteristics of the studio. In addition, a free demo version is being distributed for Steam. If you are interested, please take it.

Cursed to Golf will be released on August 18 for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.