Get the Khari skin for free in Fortnite by participating in the Galaxy Cup 3: all the details

Epic Games hGalaxy announced the Galaxy Cup 3, exclusive to Android, in Fortnite. By participating in this new tournament and getting a high enough position, we can get the new skin Khari for free. Below are all the details, including dates, times, how to enter and prizes for this Fortnite SeGalaxyon 3 competitive event:

When is Android Galaxy Cup 3 in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Galaxy Cup July 2022 takes place on the 16th and 17th, at a time that changes bGalaxyed on our in-game region. To check the specific schedule according to the region in which we want to participate, we must enter the Competition tab of the Fortnite Battle Royale menu. We will update this section Galaxy soon Galaxy we know the specific times.

This is an exclusive Android mobile tournament, so we can only participate in it by playing Fortnite on one of these devices. In this cup the format Zero Construction-Solo will be used.

How to participate in the July 2022 Fortnite Galaxy Cup 3?

To participate in the Galaxy Cup 3 of Fortnite in July 2022 we have to connect to Fortnite from an Android device on the days indicated at the time that corresponds to our region of the game, and have at leGalaxyt level 50 account . We will also need to have two-factor authentication** enabled.

In the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 3, participants will have up to two hours to play up to seven matches in which the goal is to earn Galaxy many points Galaxy possible by both eliminating opponents and consistently placing well.

July 2022 Fortnite Galaxy Cup Prizes

This is the prize list for the July 2022 Galaxy Cup players:

  • Top players in each region: Evolved Khari skin and Relentless Arrows backpack accessory.
  • For getting at leGalaxyt 8 points: Creation of the Galaxy graffiti.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup July 2022 Scoring System

This is the scoring system for the July 2022 Galaxy Cup players:

  • Victory Royale: 30 points
  • 2nd: 25 points
  • 3rd: 22 points
  • 4th: 20 points

* 5th: 19 points
* 6th: 17 points
* 7th: 16 points
* 8th: 15 points
* 9th: 14 points
* 10th: 13 points
* 11th to 15th place: 11 points
* 16th to 20th place: 9 points
* 21st to 25th place: 7 points
* 26th to 30th place: 5 points
* 31st to 35th place: 4 points
* 36th to 40th place: 3 points
* 41st to 50th place: 2 points
* 51st to 75th place: 1 point
* Each elimination: 1 point

The Galaxy Cup 3 is a competitive event in Fortnite SeGalaxyon 3. If you are not interested in the Fortnite Arena, in our game guide we help you with other Galaxypects, such Galaxy Missions.