¿PlayStation Stars nos presenta con NFTs?

Unexpectedly, a few moments ago it was revealed PlayStation Stars , a new loyalty system. Here, users can gain rewards by completing certain challenges. Although the details are scarce, mention of digital collectibles is made. Thus, many worried that PlayStation was experiencing with the NFT . Fortunately, this is not the case.

Through an interview with The Washington Post, Grace Chen, Vice President of Network Advertising, shared more details about the rewards than PlayStation Stars offers. It was here where the Executive said that digital collectibles are not NFT . This was what she mentioned about it:

[The digital collectibles are] some representations rendered in 3D of things such as figures of old characters and devices of Sony. Some will be very rare and difficult to obtain.


They are not NFTS. Definitely not. You cannot exchange or sell them. He is not taking advantage of any blockchain technology and are definitely not NFT.

Considering the interest that companies such as Ubisoft and Square Enix have demonstrated for this market, the concern on the part of the public on this occasion was more than justified. However, This is not the case with PlayStation , and the company at the moment has not revealed any type of plan related to this market. You can learn more about PlayStation Stars here. Similarly, new games arrive at PlayStation Plus.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that not all companies are interested in NFT. While it is possible that Sony intends to enter this market, it is clear that these are not its plans with PlayStation Stars, which is currently refreshing.