PUBG, 9th new map Deston added

Krafton has released the ninth new map ‘Deston’ with the 18.2 live server update for PUBG: PUBG.

Deston is an 8x8km large map set in a desolate world of the near future, introducing new elements that were not previously available. It offers a variety of distinctly different environments, such as vertical skyscrapers, flooded cities, swamps, coasts, mountains, and islands, so that every user can find a different location that suits them. It also introduces new features that are only available in Deathton.

First, visually colorful places are presented. In Ripton, a submerged metropolis, you can move through shallow water or move freely on the ground and in the sky through buildings. Considering that high-rise buildings can provide a somewhat favorable environment for snipers, some buildings have been set up with only one floor accessible. The ‘swamp area’, which is applied for the first time in PUBG, consists of knee-deep water and can conduct thrilling ambush operations. In addition, there are various places such as ‘outdoor concert hall’, ‘hydroelectric dam’ and ‘paintball stadium’.

New features that can only be found in Deston have been added. First of all, a ‘utility parachute’ is installed in the watertory of all users by default. An improved version of the emergency parachute, which can be used freely at a certain height. Various vertical spaces can be quickly moved through an ascender attached to the building. You can climb up and down high-rise buildings quickly without worrying about falling damage, and when you use a utility parachute after moving to the top of the ‘Cell Tower’, a building dedicated to ascenders, you can move more quickly and effectively over long distances.

A new vehicle ‘Airboat’ and a new gun ‘O12’ will be released to suit the special terrain of Deston. An ‘airboat’ is an open-type flatbed that can move both on land and sea, and can traverse shallow water, swamps, seas, and rivers at high speed. In particular, the speed of movement in shallow water is faster than that of land-only vehicles, so there is no inconvenience of having to change to a separate vehicle. The ‘O12’ is a shotgun that uses slug bullets and boasts a large capacity and high rate of fire. In addition, it is capable of short-range and medium-range combat as well as relatively long-range strikes compared to conventional shotguns.

To commemorate the new map update, a ‘Battleground Goods Farming Event’ with the mobility platform Socar (CEO Park Jae-wook) is also in progress. By randomly placing 100 Battleground goods packages on Socar vehicles in Sokcho, Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok, Gangwon-do, Socar users can acquire game items and real prizes while experiencing farming, the fun element of Battlegrounds. In addition, if you click the event banner through a PC game, 3 types of Socar discount coupon packages for farming support are provided. This event runs until July 19th.