[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] ADV Ending depicting the story of the last parent and child fox on the earth

I think games are get used to learning.

So I don’t read the instructions, omit the tutorial and challenge in the actual performance!…… Because it is Tatemae, because I think that the real intention is tutorial and troublesome! . Well that is the cause of the game over.

Even I have to be careful about the game of the main character animal.

The uncle’s hero’s game can even die on purpose to see all the patterns of death, rather than not care about the death. But only the death of the animal is… In my case, it’s an old man <animal.

This time, the Nintendo Switch version of Ending-Explining Izu Forever ** released by THQ NORDIC. This work is an adventure game that depicts the harsh journey of fox parent and child set in a world where human beings have been destroyed by humanity and environmental pollution.

The player becomes a mothers, searching for food for the children’s fox, teaching skills such as trees climbing and digging, and protecting himself from the danger of attacking.

In other words, I have not only my mother fox, but also the lives of the children’s foxes. This is no longer possible to die lightly!

The last fox story is drawn on the earth

The protagonist, the fox, was running through the flame burning forest, as he looked for something.


In interioractable places, such as fallen trees that are blocking the road or trees at the dead end, you can dig a hole and squeeze the trees by pressing and hitting the buttons.

After overcoming various obstacles, the fox that reached a small hole is falling down. Then, as if to squeeze the last power, stand up and tremble.

Stop it, the scene where the animal dies works for me…!

I wondered if I was injured, but did you wear a fox!

I was looking for a place to give birth safely. Even so, all four are cute with various hair colors.

Oh, you can change the hair color!

From the left, I decided to call Pink Taro, Kogejiro, Aisaburo, and Chashiro from the left.

No, it is not systematically named, but was so cute that the children’s Getsine was too cute, so I gave me a name.

Fortunately for the children’s Getsune!

Looking for rice for the children’s Getsune!

The day of my mother’s gione starts with the search for rice Getsine.

The gauge at the bottom left of the screen represents the hungry of the children’s Getsune.

Mother gicks are looking for a place where prey is visualized by the smell of prey.

Stealth mode reduces the movement speed and makes it harder to notice the prey.

Approaching with Soro Risolori… attack!

He took his prey to the burrow, filling his hungry of the foxes. The day should have ended without any incident.

When everyone fell asleep, one frog was thrown into the burrow. The frog has a string, and it is obviously a trap, but the curious Kojiro followed.

My mother gives me a fox who notices that Kogejiro is not there, but what should I do from now on…! ? ( exciting )

The key to tracking the kid fox is a smell!

From this day, his mother gives a fox must search for Kojiro, who has been gone while taking care of her children’s fox.

The search for the fox fox will follow the smell as the tracking of the prey.

Hmm? What is falling over there is a frog trap that brought Kojiro away!

When you reach the smell… Purple uncle! ?

Mother’s gin seems to have gained information on the culprit because of the remaining smell! Moreover, the culprit image is visualized! It’s no longer a psychometry!

…… What a great thing. I wonder if I became a psychometler because I thought about my child…

After that, a new trace was discovered, but the smell was broken here.

In this work, the time has passed when you walk outside. It’s going to be in the morning as I left at night.

The action time is only between night and morning. That’s all for today’s search.

I was wandering all day, so the foxes seemed to be hungry. On the way home, I have to look for rice.

The children’s fox rice is wild animals such as rabbits and birds that are grown in grass.

But they are not everywhere, and sometimes they need to look for something that can be eaten by catching garbage.

However, if you are catching garbage, the garbage bag may be covered with your head.

Kuu… Humans (self-employed)

Traps and bad people… Fields are full of danger

There are other threats for foxes besides trash bags. You need to be careful about traps set up everywhere in the field.

You can avoid it just by jumping, but when you run around with a dash, you often accidentally step on it.

Child fox can learn various skills.

By acquiring skills, in addition to jumping, you will be able to climb trees and slide to a narrow place, expanding the search range.

I’m glad to see the growth of my mom and Pink Taro. Mom has failed, but you guys remember the jump and jump over.

The foxes have grown steadily, so let’s go out a little!

Until now, it was just wandering around the burrow, but the field is actually quite large. In addition to the forest, there are various buildings such as factory and private houses.

As the story progresses, the number of burrows and shortcut points increases, making it convenient to move to the field.

There is a sense of tension when stepping into a new area. In this case, there was a happening that Pink Taro failed to jump.

Humans are dangerous. When found and caught by humans, they are killed.

However, even if you are caught, you may be able to escape with a button hit. On the other hand, you may be shot with a gun and the game is over in one shot…

If your mother’s gick is dead, you must not live with your foxes alone.

Basically, if you see humans, you should think of it as an enemy.

An uncle who makes human mistrust and say something like an evil mastermind.

However, there was a heartwarming encounter with humans. The person playing and talking on the stump gave the fox a nut.

Kuu… I can’t miss the nuts!

The girl in a private house accepted the foxes and nadenade.

She was a little nadenade, so I could easily forgive my heart…

It’s decided to be like this.

I was empathized with the foxes as I reset every time my mother was about to die.

During the game, there is no textbook to explain the world view and situation, so I enjoyed exploring various places and imagining that it was such a world while meeting various people.

After all, the motion of my mother’s gigh and children’s fox is wonderful, and just looking at the fox that rolls with coten and the fox that rolls is relaxed!

It is one that I would definitely like to play for animal lovers.

Ending-Executive Izu Forever will be released on July 19, 2022 for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC.