Genshin Impact: Hoyover reveals more details about Sumeru and advances the great mystery of the region

Genshin Impact prepares for the launch of the most anticipated expansion in its history. Sumeru is just around the corner and will reach the game within just a month. A waiting period that from Hoyover wants to liven up with different advances in the form of video in which the new region shows us. Recently they did reveal some details of the dendro element and now they have returned to the load to show us the appearance of the next continent. An interesting advance that has still included a detail that attracts even more attention.

The great mystery of Sumeru revealed by Hoyover

Among the spectacularity of the photographs of the video and the explanations of the developers, the ruins of two gigantic robots that have become part of the nature of Sumeru are shown. Both in the jungle and desert area-which has been shown for the first time-these two sleeping giants are the greatest mystery. The doubts about how they got there, what was their weight in the history of the Teyvat continent or if they are related to the archon that dominated the continent before Kusanali are more than enough. However, the most interesting challenge will be to find the mysterious relationship between the machines that dominate each bioma.

In addition to this great mystery that will surely take much of the hours we spend in Sumeru, the developers of Genshin Impact have wanted to explain the challenge of the creation of the new region. The difficulties in creating a combination of desert and leafy areas or the challenge of finding the balance between fantastic scenarios and realism have doubled for this launch. In addition, it is particularly complicated in a video game to create a desert zone capable of being credible and, at the same time, not feeling completely empty.


Biomes have a fantastic appearance, they are very varied and have a mysterious aura. Sumeru is the continent of wisdom and from Hoyover they have proven to use this asset in their favor. The plot of Genshin Impact’s continents has always been marked by very explicit conflicts. Stormteror’s problem, the crisis between ADEPTUS and Liyue’s stars or the visions capture decree in Inazuma have been the main intrigues so far. However, the new region aims to be much more subtle in its conflicts and offer us a much deeper discovery of its world.