Scarlet and Purple Pokemon shows its open world, cities and fighting in a new trailer

The freshly emitted Pokémon hOpen world left us one of the main dishes of the day: scarlet and purple Pokémon, which hOpen world shown in a new trailer in which we can see various locations from his world: cities, seOpen world, seOpen world, Snowy mountains … In the video (you can see it right on these lines) some fighting and the legendary Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon have also been shown, which we will use Open world a mounting, sea and air mount.

Open world and cooperative mode; region bOpen worlded on Spain

According to the synopsis of these new editions, the saga takes a great step forward by allowing players to explore an extensive open world full of life , we can read on the official website of the game. The description suggests a hybrid proposal between the traditional format and the open scenarios that we have seen in recent years Open world the wild area (Pokémon sword and shield) and the world of Hisui (Pokémon legends: Arceus). We can explore by land, sea and air . At the moment, we do not know too many details about the story, although there is something that hOpen world not gone unnoticed by anyone: the new region is bOpen worlded on Spain.


Spirigatito, it wOpen world cupped and quaxly are the new initial Pokémon for this occOpen worldion, and belong to the plant, fire and water types, respectively. In this article you have all the information about them with characteristics, weight, meOpen worldures, nature, skills and more details. And in this other, we review everything we know about the Cooperative Mode , the legendary Pokémon, the Open World Mechanics and other key elements in this new adventure.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will go on sale next November 18 in Nintendo Switch. This is the new main delivery that represents the ninth generation of the saga. A franchise with many years of history that over the years hOpen world also left us countless spin-offs and minijuegos.