Artificial Intelligence generates Excel formulas for you

Excel is one of the most important tools in the work world. However, but you are not familiar with this Microsoft program, you are very likely to have problems understanding all the options at your disposal. Fortunately, there is already a fairly simple solution, and all you need to do is use a new artificial intelligence.


Recently, the developer known as David Bressler, shared for the whole world Excel Formula Bot, an artificial intelligence with which we can communicate in a simple way, in order to solve all our doubts about this program. The AI works thanks to Openai’s GPT-3 language, a tool known to generate text as if it were a real human being.

To interact with artificial intelligence, you just have to describe the result you want to achieve, and within a few seconds Excel Formula Bot will show you the written response . Best of all, this program is available in Spanish, so interactions will be simpler.

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