LOL: When does the UDYR reown out? The launch date and time is officially confirmed

The League of Legends community has long been waiting for the arrival of the UDYR Rework. However, that of being patience was over. The champion chosen by the players in the survey that took place at the beginning of season 11 is finally ready to join the game. It has had to spend more than a year and a half in which developers greatly suffered to adapt the skins to their new model. However, the official presentation marks the beginning of an account back so that this tortuous road is over and evidences the date and time to which this new version of the spiritual walker will be available for all.

This will be the date and launch time of the UDYR Rework

For better or worse, Riot Games ads are quite predictable. Throughout season 12 the presentations of the new champions have taken place on Thursday or Friday of the weeks at the beginning of a cycle in the PBE. In this way we can take an eye on the great novelties before they are introduced into the test server just a few days later. The new heroes, reWorks or changes pass a period of approximately two weeks until the official launch on live servers is finally carried out where the vast majority of the community is located.

Attending to the precedents of Riot Games and taking into account that nothing indicates that the case of UDYR is an exception, the key dates for the arrival of the ReWork are the following.

Detailed skills *: Before Wednesday, August 10
Availability at the PBE : Wednesday, August 10
LIVE LIVE : Wednesday, August 24


What time will the new UDYR be available?

UDYR does have a very interesting peculiarity in terms of its launch and is related to the type of update you receive. Riot Games does not deal with reWorks and new champions. When it is an unpublished character who reaches the invoker crack, the developer carries out the launch in the 48 hours after the patch premiere in which the hero in question will be activated. However, the changes to the existing champions enter into force at the same time the game servers after a patch are reactivated.

In this sense, we can expect the UDYR Rework to be permanently available on the next Wednesday, August 24, 2022 around 06:00 Spanish peninsular time . Of course, two additional details must be taken into account. On the one hand, the maintenance time of the patch can vary a few minutes. On the other, this is a theory based on all past movements of Riot Games. Although it does not seem likely, there is the possibility that there is any change in the usual strategies of League of Legends. In any case, we will update this same page with future official information.