League of legends

LOL: The two Riot -abandoned champions who will receive a reown in their skills

With the new Riot ads list about everything that will reach League of Legends, we have been able to know new information quite important about the champions, either by the new champions or by, in this case, the *Skills Rework of some champions . The American developer talked about these partial updates, commenting on the success they had reaped with these changes and the impact on the current metajuego.

Until now, the champions who had received this type of reWorks have been Olaf, Ahri, Sivir, Taliyah and Swain . Well, as we have been able to meet by Riot, the two two champions that will join these partial reWorks will be Syndra and Neeko.

Syndra and Neeko will receive important changes

Both Syndra and Neeko are champions that over the last months have been diminished by changes in current metajuego . The mobility of the dark sovereign is lousy and there are currently other damage magicians that do better their work in the central lane as is the case of Ahri or even Taliyah, so this partial change to their skills can come of pearls to relive both in Solq and in the competitive circuit.

Neeko, on her part, is a champion who does not have been as long as Syndra, but the destiny she has run has been the same. She is not a bad champion at all, but it is true that she has become very stagnant to be a Pick too concrete to be efficient in most games. We still do not know how they will be the changes to these two characters, but seeing the previous ReWorks, we can expect more or less that Riot will do with them: Improvements in mobility, adjustments in damage and above all changes moderately great in some of his skills.