Wemade Partner Meta Scale, XR Messenger Service Bagel released

[CEO Moon Young-soo reporter] Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) partner meta-scale (CEO Kwon Seung-jo) unveiled the Bagel and BI on the 16th.

Bagel is an XR service that aims for a messenger-oriented methus. The user can create an avatar connected to me in reality and communicate with friends. You can apply your face and movement recognition technology to implement your own expressions and movements.

Bagel will showcase a P & E model that will benefit users and creators as they enjoy the service based on blockchain technology. It also boards the Wemade’s blockchain mainnet ‘WeMix 3.0’.

Kwon Seung-jo, CEO of Meta-Scale, said, We have designed the service and designed BI in that the shape of the bagel connects friends to methuses, the gateway to methus and the black hole, and designed the BI. We will provide a flexible and future-oriented service that gives you fun.

Bagel starts the first service in Japan in October. Prior to this, the company plans to launch a close beta service in September.


Meanwhile, Meta-Scale is a startup founded by Kwon Seung-jo, who served as the head of Prethall, Naver Design Center, NHN Arts CEO, Kakao IX CEO, and Kakao CIPO. In August last year, it attracted investment from Wemade.