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Why does Fortnite constantly fly out on a PC? How to fix

Goku, Vegeta and several other characters Dragon Ball appeared in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and after this update, PC players faced a number of problems. The game continues to fall, and a pop-up window from Epic Games appears, emphasizing this problem. For this reason, countless players cannot enter the game, and Fortnite is automatically turned off when this problem occurs. We finally managed to enter the game, and this is how PC players can overcome this Fortnite failure.

How to fix the Fortnite failure on PC?

After updating Dragon Ball, PC players face a serious malfunction when opening the game. The pop-up window shown in the image above appears every time players stand in line for the match in Fortnite. The main reason for this is DirectX 12, and PC players can fix this by completing some of the methods mentioned below.

/ check the game files


Open Epic game launch program and select Fortnite from Library
Click on three points in the lower part of the image Fortnite
Select Manage and you will find a list of options
Click on check the files and wait for the process to complete the process
* Restore Fortnight

Use DirectX 11

  • If players use DirectX 12, it is recommended to switch to DirectX 11.
    Open The launch program of epic games and select Settings Option in the upper right corner
    Scroll down and expand Fortnite
    Click on Additional command line arguments
    Type d3d11 , * and then restart Fortnite
    If you want to return to DirectX 12, just remove the
    Fleet Additional command line arguments and delete the previously introduced command

The aforementioned methods solved the problem for us, and games are loaded smoothly. You can also check that video card drivers are updated , start Fortnite on behalf of the administrator and also configure the compatibility mode to help with this issue. If the problem is not fixed, we recommend that you contact the Fortnite technical support service with a detailed description of all the problems you have encountered.

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