V rising

Lol: The Kings takes the lead with two victories in the North Regional

The fight for being the best team in the north begins with the regional phase where the champions teams of the different national leagues look for the pass for Promot/relegation where they will have the opportunity to reach the First Division, with great clashes at the door and a previous preparation that demonstrates how the squads are ready for the next contest.

The first duel is Braves Rising against neglecting with an interesting Leblanc selection for Shieldworm that managed The strategies posed by the Volcano League left left the opponents behind and managed to take the victory.

During the second game, Saprissa Esports faces The Kings seeking to demonstrate the strength of the Caribbean we see Renyu to take the early advantage with his sivir to get casualties that allow him to have a lot of damage but destroy would be the That he turned to the game with the climbing of his gangplank that ended up putting large amounts of damage during the game to boost the kings to take the victory.

Reaching the third contest The Kings Fight with Braves Rising seeking to have one more point but this time Jarvan entered the action used by Mataz who would have great pressure on the different lines to achieve several casualties that would give him early objects in the encounter with which he will continue to harass the rivals leaving the Mexican kings with enough power to take one more victory.

The final game of the day placed negotiated against Saprissa where we would see a pyke well used by Madblade to take important casualties and get the opponents disposable, the Caribbean team managed to take the lead In the duel when controlling the opposites showing the power of the elements to be able to take the first victory for them after 26 minutes.

The first day of action ends at the Regional Norte with a team of the kings that manages to end two victories on the scoreboard, on the other hand Saprissa and careless they manage to get a victory each To stay in the middle part of the table, with two more days of action that are to be lived we will see if the situation moves to determine what teams reach the final.