The next James Bond would be more young

As already known, the role of Daniel Craig as agent 007 James Bond has come to an end, this could realize the public through the most recent film of the famous spy. And now, it is confirmed that producers and directors are already in search of a new face, only with less aesthetically experience, someone somewhat younger.

According to the actor Ross King , the next spy of cinema is currently being looking 42 years. So they want to give a new origin to the stories of the popular secret agent.

This is what Hollywood’s large media mention:


The last rumor, and in a way part of this is very true, is that, basically, Bond producers are looking for a younger bond. Someone who is probably in his 30 years.

That means that the great favorites such as Idris Elba and Tom Hardy have been officially discarded, because they are far exceeding 30 years of age that producers are looking for. Fans could disappoint this decision, but maybe they are betting to address a more young audience that does not know much the saga.

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