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What is Apex League in Tower of Fantasy? Explanation of the rating PVP

Despite the fact that Tower of Fantasy offers a deep plot and PVE content, it has a competitive side. APEX League is a PVP game mode in Tower of Fantasy, in which players fight face to face. This may make you think about Apex League in Tower of Fantasy.

How to play Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Before you join the APEX League and play PVP in Tower of Fantasy, you must first reach the level 31 in order to unlock this mode. As soon as you do this, go to the adventure menu and select the call tab. Here you line up on Apex League.

Matches last five minutes or until the opponent earns two points . You earn a point when you reduce health to 0 , regardless of whether you cause damage or they get damage from the fall. There are several ranks for lifting, including:

  • Private
  • Elite
  • Sergeant
  • Commander
  • Star general
  • Combat Lord
  • Grand Marshall

Victory in matches will increase your rating, and the loss will lower it. You can earn different awards depending on your place in the ranking at the end of the season. They are the higher the higher your rank at the end of each season.

The best characters and teams for APEX League in Tower of Fantasy

You will want to build strong PVP team for the apex of the league. This does not necessarily mean the capture of the best characters, but rather the creation of a team that compliments each other. Here are our recommendations for the best characters and teams for APEX League in Tower of Fantasy.

Best characters for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

SS *
* Cocoritter, Meril, Nemesis
* Huma, Samir, Zero
* Crow, king, pepper, Shiro, tsubas
* Echo, Ane
* Bai Lin, Hilda

The best teams for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Volt-zoom DPS

Nemesis *, samir , Shiror **
* Nemesis will be your main weapon for this. Use its broken set to force opponents to move from decreasing areas, causing damage.
* Samir causes incredible damage, and also nullifies negative effects with charged weapons.
* Shirh is here to break the shields and slow down opponents for your other characters.

Ice all-around

Corotter *, Meril , tsubas **
* Cocoritter will provide your main support and usefulness, acting as your healer.

* Tsubas should be your main DPS and allow you to attack from a distance. Do not be afraid to retreat if necessary.
* Meril acts like a shield and a nearby fighter. Keep in mind the small range and slow speed of the measure, so be prepared to retreat to the tsubas, if necessary.

severe breakdown breakdown

Huma *, Meril , Shirh **
* Huma will be your main source of protection and provide an element of fire if you need it for matches.
* Meril will be your main fighter, freezing enemies and setting you up to switch to Shirou or Huma when necessary.
* Ultimately, Shirou will play the role of your shield destroyer, ideally after Meril freezes and fix your enemy in place.

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