Two Game Studio companies accused Publisher PQUBE. Criticism of looting acts to hide and exploit the developer

Game Studio Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions have accused the publisher PQUBE mainly in Europe and the United States. Submit accusations on the official Twitter account of the new game A Space for the Unbound under development. He also claims that A Space for the Unbound has been postponed due to PQUBE.

A Space for the Unbound is a 2D adventure game. The stage is in Indonesia in the 1990s. In a world where the end of the end, high school boys’ high school students and high school girls will explore the mystery of a sudden paranormal phenomenon that occurred. In a vivid and ephemeral world that is colored by pixel art, we walk around the city and talk to people. There are also unique elements such as a space dive that jumps into the world of NPC’s heart.

Indonesian studios, Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions, have been developed as a game that tags and tags to use dot picture expressions and storytelling, the strengths of the two companies. It was also announced that the chorus Worldwide will release the domestic version. The work was scheduled to be released from the end of 2020 to the early 2021 at the time of the domestic announcement. However, the release date continued to be decided, and this year was aimed at release in 2022. And this time, Mojiken Studio and TOGE PRODUCTIONS have announced the life of the release. The reason is the existence of Publisher PQUBE.

Although PQUBE is a British-based publisher, he has a strength in publishing in Asian tastes, and is in charge of the release of animation games and the release of Japanese games in Europe and the United States (Europe). Gyaru ☆ Cancer He is Ritanzu and Is it wrong to seek dungeon? He is Infinito Convincible, etc. 。

Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions criticize PQUBE by joint name. Originally, PQUBE was contracted on the console release of A Space for the Unbound in Europe and the United States. However, in the summer of 2020, he received a fund for developers provided by a console company without notifying Mojiken Studio and Toge Production.


Furthermore, despite the fact that PQUBE, a publisher, received the subsidies issued for the purpose of supporting the developers, the minimum guarantee paid from the PQUBE side (paid to developers from the publisher before the release). The advance advance/paid advance payment is set off only by sales). Instead of setting the minimum guarantee high, it has been accused of raising the number of revenge share (revenue distribution) on the PQUBE side to increase sales.

In this way, publishers themselves received the subsidies that were originally issued for the developers, and the initial investment amount was set high using the money. It is likely that the profit distribution was raised by increasing the pQUBE side to increase the profit that could be received in the end.

Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions commented that it was a shock for projects that have been underway over seven years. He criticized PQUBE’s actions that Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions were lacking in respect and looting. Although PQUBE has not worked together in the future and has canceled the contract, PQUBE criticizes that it has not returned the console platform public right. He complained that such a publisher exploitation should not occur. He commented that new initiatives will be promoted for the release and will be able to manage it.

In the game, the developer, the developer, and the publisher, the distributor, often tags to release it. Developers are concentrated on development, and publishers provide localization, advertising, and release support. In many cases, a minimum guarantee is adopted as a means of providing development funds for publisher developers. As mentioned above, he handed the advance payment to the developer from the publisher to the developer, and offset the advance payment from sales. After that, we will allocate profits. In some cases, 30 % of publishers are 30 % and developers are 70 %, and some patterns are 5: 5 by increasing the number of minimum guarantee. There are a variety of contract patterns, such as the number of publishers paying for localization costs for games with many textbooks.

For A Space for the UNBOUND, TOGE PRODUCTIONS, who can be in charge of development and sales, is in charge of PC version of the PC version. On the other hand, PQUBE would have been attached as a European and American console publisher. It has been accused of PQUBE secretly receiving grant for development studios and used in negotiations between Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions.

The accusation has quickly spread throughout the industry, and has been criticized by various publishers/developers, saying that the publisher PQUBE, who is not a game creator, exploits the developer. Not only the victims of the victims, but also the publishers are trustworthy, and they may be frustrated by the impairment of trust.

The claim this time is only on Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions. Listening to PQUBE’s objection will further reveal the situation. Our magazine has contacted PQUBE about the matter, and will be added to this article as soon as there is a response.

A Space for the Unbound will be released for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.