Is Nintendo involved in the new switch drm?

A couple of days ago it was revealed that Denuo, the controversial PC anti-piratería system created by Iraedeto, will reach Nintendo Switch under the name of Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection Solution. In addition to all concerns about this software, many wondered whether Nintendo is involved or not in this process . In this way, we already have an official response.

Through a statement shared by Kotaku, A Denuvo representative has clarified that Nintendo is not involved in this new Switch DRM initiative. Instead, this was a decision that was made when considering the demand of Iraedeto members to include this system in the switch. This was what was said about it:

Due to the confidentiality agreements, we cannot reveal the names of the companies, but we can say that this solution comes from the strong demand of the editors. The software editors and Denu were very worried about offering the best game experience. Protection is designed not to affect the player’s experience and has no impact on game performance. It is the same for this new solution when protection is only active in critical code parts that are not performance.

Denu also mentioned how Switch technology would not require online controls and was a solution designed to be completely out of line. However, Some members of the Hackers and Modders community have indicated that Nintendo must be involved in a certain way in this process, since offering software of this type requires the approval of the Japanese company. This was what Luigiblood commented, programmer:

It may not be obvious, but this anti-emulation system has to be approved within Nintendo’s requirements, because otherwise it will not pass much control.

Nor can it be a DRM measure: Nintendo is the only one with DRM control in its systems. It is only denied by name.

It is still about to see what the games that will use this system will be, and see how they run. Recall that Neguevo has caused problems with the performance of games on PC. On related topics, you can learn more about the arrival of this program to the switch here.