[Repo] Surplus Global The worlds largest semiconductor used equipment complex

We will create the largest semiconductor used equipment complex in the world so that various companies can test and sell used equipment.

Kim Jung-woong, CEO of Supplus Global, said, We started our business after seeing a newspaper article that the semiconductor market growth rate was high 20 years ago.

Supplus Global is a company that distributes semiconductor process and post-process and display used equipment. Since its founding in 2000, more than 40,000 used equipment has been supplied to 4,000.

The world’s largest semiconductor used equipment complex

On the 22nd, he visited Supplus Global in Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. The newly built 70,000 square meters of buildings showed great. The building includes 60,000 square meters of constant temperature and humidity equipment exhibition halls, 1,700 square meters clean rooms, 1,600㎡ demo rooms, and welfare facilities. Supplus Global called it a semiconductor cluster. Five years later, I decided to build two or three buildings.

Kim said, We have set up a cluster to gather several companies. We decided to come in 10 companies by the end of this year. He said, There are 200 residents, he said. We will expand the facilities to work 400 people by the end of this year and 2,000 people by 2030.


I’m sorry for the small market compared to importance

Supplus Global believes that semiconductor used equipment can stabilize the supply chain. It is possible to reduce the time from ordering and in stock. Kim said, Semiconductor devices, materials, parts, and equipment companies said, If you buy equipment these days, you only get it after a year and six months.

Kim said, There are a lot of used equipment in Korea, but I wonder if it is using it well. The size of the used equipment market should be 10%of the new equipment market. At the same time, he hoped to be used in the National R & D, saying, You can use used equipment when developing semiconductor materials or parts.

An opportunity for concerns about quarreling semiconductor hegemony

The semiconductor hegemony competition, which is especially in the United States and China, led to the ban on exports of equipment, Kim said. I just looked at the opportunity. Kim said, As China invests in maturity processes, the demand for semiconductor used equipment is likely to increase. He then emphasized that the balance between the US and China should be well balanced.

The US government told ASML, a Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer, Do not sell semiconductor equipment to Chinese companies. ASML produces extreme infrared (EUV) exposure equipment for the semiconductor micro-process.

The US government pressed the Dutch government that ASML could not sell even the Sim Sim Line (DUV) exposure equipment to China. DUVs are old, but they are still widely used in cars, telephones, computers, and robots. Kim said, Supplus Global is dealing with the world’s three largest semiconductor equipment companies, ASML, US Applied Materials, and Lam Research.

Dreams are heavily heavy

Kim went to a trading company and had a hard time with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) foreign exchange crisis. He was looking for a promising industry and he entered the semiconductor industry. Kim said, It started with a capital of 40 million won and almost ruined. The dream was so heavy that I came to this place. Supplus Global recorded KRW 26.6 billion and operating profit of KRW 30.8 billion based on last year’s sales based on consolidated financial statements.

Supplus Global is with society with a difficult time behind. The company established a subsidiary-type standard workplace, Tok Tokne, to hire 15 people with developmental disabilities. Tok Tokine manages semiconductor equipment exhibition halls, offices, shared offices, in-house coffee shops, and unmanned convenience stores.