The Twisted Metal series ends its filming and its supervisor shares some anecdotes of the recordings

The cast and also the Twisted Metal group was something unique. Despite hold-ups because of lightning, severe heat and also vehicles that did refrain from doing what they were told, they all functioned as difficult as they might to ensure that Twisted Metal kicked as long as feasible. The last day of filming was really felt as the last day of camp, with several laughs, some rips and also gelato dispersed in the rear of the Sweet Tooth truck, says the executive producer.

With delays due to lightning, extreme warmth and vehicles that did not do what they were informed, every person worked tough Michael Jonathan, supervisor of the Twisted Metal series The director of the Twisted Metal series, Michael Jonathan , he has specified with his Twitter account that the series has actually finished his shooting **: That is a summary of the first period!, Celebrate the screenwriter with a photo of the Twisten Metal Logo shaped in ice. Furthermore, the milestone accompanied him with some stories during the recording time, according to the media comicbook.

Prior to Sony ventured to begin its trip through the adaptations of their computer game to films or collection , one of the initial validated tasks was the Twisted Metal series. Well, the advancement of the very same is so well that also its supervisor has confirmed that they have completed firing the initially season .


The Twisted Metal series will be relayed with the PEACOCK platform, the Streaming Platform of NBC. The duration of the episodes will certainly be around the 30 mins . We currently know that the lead character is: it will certainly be Anthony Mackie. Sadly, the series still does not have a launch date , yet we already know that the postproduction stage currently begins: one less action to be able to see Twisted Metal on our televisions.