Com2us Summers War: Chronicle first update 30 days will be held

Com2us announced its new content update on the 30th after delivering the news of its new and summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’.

Com2us introduced the contents of the new content to be added at the official forum before the recent update of the first new content of Chronicle, and released a video on YouTube channels.

The contents of the update are new raids, Burry Falls, which can be challenged to boss monsters by forming parties with other users, and ‘Sun-in’ and ‘Raven’, a new five-star summons.


In the new raid ‘Burky Falls’, a powerful and huge Yongin raid boss ‘Naraka’ appears, and can join forces with other users to target Naraka.

The newly-made summary ‘Seon-in’ is a magical/support type that can cause strong damage to the opponent according to the properties, or to reinforce the strengthening effect on a large number of enemies, and Raven is the original summoner of ‘Chronicle’ and high damage to single target. You can wear it.

In the released video, the overwhelming appearance of Raid Boss Naraka and the two new summons are raising the expectations of users waiting for the first content update.

Meanwhile, ‘Chronicle’ is the first MMORPG based on the global hit ‘Summers War’ IP (Intellectual Property Rights), providing a fun of the strategic team using three summoners and 350 summons. You can collect and nurture various petigators with a variety of charms to enjoy the battle with your own combination, and support mobile-PC cross play to play on various paths without the boundaries of the platform.

More details of Chronicle can be found through the official Game Forum.