Uma Musume Balance adjustment September 2nd at 11:30. Speed real 1250s are actually 1400, and the skills of the new scenario are also increased

Cygames announced on August 31 that the balance adjustment of Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be implemented around 11:30 on September 2. The impact of the maximum ultra-excess racing of the basic ability has been changed from 1/8 to 1/2. It is also said that the skills that can be obtained in the new scenario Connect, illuminates, draw. Our Grand Live will also increase.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a cross-media content woven by horse girls who inherited the name and soul of racehorses engraved with great records. The game version is a training simulation game in which players become trainers and nurture horse girls. In this work, on August 24, a new scenario, Connection, illuminating, drawing. Our grand live (hereinafter referred to as a grand live) appeared. In addition, the upper limit of the basic ability, which was 1200, was introduced. The upper limit of the basic capacity varies depending on the training scenario and the factor, and in the grand live, speed 1600/stamina 1300/power 1300/guts 1500/wisdom 1300. On the other hand, in the Make A New Track !!-Climax opening-(hereinafter, Makeura) implemented according to the first anniversary, the speed/power/guts limit is the same, but to the stamina 1900/wisdom 1500. Can be trained.

In the conventional mainstream training scenario Makera, high-status and high-skilled horse girls could be trained. However, there is a disadvantage that it takes less than an hour to train at each time. Therefore, in the new scenario ground live, it was hoped that the required time was shorter than makeup. As a matter of fact, the Grand Live, which was implemented on August 24, was able to train horses in a shorter time than makeup, and responded to the user’s expectations in the time required.

However, in the ground live, although a horse girl with a high status like Makeura can nurture, it is less than Makera in terms of skill points. In the ground live, you can foster speed up to 1600 beyond the upper limit. It looks like a horse girl, whose speed limit is faster than a 1200 makeup, can be nurtured, but in actual races, the impact of the upper limit is limited. According to the announcement, even if the conventional upper limit was exceeded 400 and the speed was trained to 1600, only 50, which actually affected the race, was only 400, 1/8, which would actually affect the race. In other words, it seems that the race was only affected by the speed of 1250.

If the influence of the status of the upper limit is small and the skill point is inferior, makeup will continue to be the mainstream for training. The fact that a support card gacha for the grand live was held in conjunction with the implementation, the fact that it would take less than an hour to develop one time in the future, and that there was no environmental change in the environment. I was disappointed. In response to the trainer reaction, Cygames announced on August 25, one day after the update. Regarding the upper limit of the basic capacity and the balance adjustment of the new scenario, it was different from the balance assumed by the operation, so it will be announced that the influence of the upper limit of the basic ability in the race and the amount of skill PT in the ground live will be adjusted. Was.

In this announcement, the adjustment was revealed. First, 1/8 of the basic ability exceeding 1200 had an effect on the race, but 1/22 will be affected. If the basic ability was trained up to 1600, which is the upper limit of the ground live, the speed was 1250, but after adjustment, the speed was 1400. After the adjustment, the skills that can be acquired at the ground live will also increase. As the speed of the upper limit has been greatly influenced by the race, and the increase in acquired skill points, I would like to expect a horse girl from Makera to be comparable to or exceed the ground live horse girl.

In order to adjust this balance, 1500 jewels will be distributed to players who started the game by 12:00 on September 2 and 10 toughness 30. In addition, the new training scenario commemorative support card gacha and the new training scenario commemorative Pretty Darbegacha and his Champions Meeting will be held as scheduled.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is being distributed to PC (DMM Games)/iOS/Android. Updates for the impact of the maximum basic capacity races and the grand live skill PT acquisition amount will be implemented around 11:30 on September 2.