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Which is better: Hunter’s Path or Vortex Vanquisher in Genshin Impact

If you have already acquired both five-star characters or hope for a specific weapon, the banner of the weapon is your best choice. You can wish this banner either for the way of the hunter or for the conqueror of the whirlwind, and you can use the embodied path to indicate which weapons you are striving for. Both of these types of weapons have their strengths and weaknesses, but what weapons to choose on their embodied path? Join us, and we will determine which weapon is better: the path of a hunter or conqueror vortices.

What to choose: Hunter’s Path or Vortex Vanquisher in Genshin Impact?

What is better: Hunter’s Path or Vortex Vanquisher?

This weapon banner includes both a five-star onion and a five-star shaft weapon, which were optimized for certain five-star characters. The hunter’s path was created for synergy with Tignari. , because of his bonus to spontaneous damage and the fact that it depends on the skill of the elements. Tignari flourishes due to the reactions of the elements, and the hunter’s path complements this style of play.

Vortex Vanquisher was created with the thought of Zhunly. , because of his buffs of the shield. Although this is Zhunly’s corporate weapon, in fact, this is not the most effective weapon that he can own. The staff of Homes and the pristine jade winged spear are the best options for Zhunly, which allow him to apply maximum damage.

Bearing in mind these synergies, The hunter’s path is the best option , especially if you plan to build tignari. This bow plays on its strengths, increasing its damage from a charged attack by 160% of its skill of the elements. It also significantly increases its Crit Rate, allowing you to apply additional damage in addition to the bonus of 12% damage from the elements.

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