US FTC starts a survey on acquisition of Amazon I Robot

The US Federal Trading Committee (FTC) recently officially initiated the review process to determine the antitrust law violation for buying an I Robot, an artificial intelligence (AI) robot cleaner ‘Lum Bar’ manufacturer, and local political media poly Tico and Reuters reported on the 3rd (local time).

In the screening, Amazon’s acquisition of Amazon will lead to market competition, illegally raises market share, and whether the company has a favorable notice in the retail market in terms of consumer data.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that it would acquire eye robots for $ 1.7 billion. It is a cash transaction method for $ 61 per share. As Amazon received a wide range of unfair conduct from the FTC, there was a prospect that contracts would be made in the form of a merger.

In addition to the iRobot, Amazon is expanding its appearance by acquiring Hollywood filmmaker MGM and medical company One Medical.

Last year, Professor Lina Khan Columbia University Law School was appointed as the FTC chairman, and a strong investigation on Amazon’s antitrust market behavior continued. Lina Canna FTC Wiwinjang is known as a big tech grim reaper.

FTC has recently been investigating Amazon Prime, Amazon’s paid subscription service. The FTC also demanded a witness attendance from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Council and Andy CEO.