Kakao Games ends the 2nd Ceremony of Youth and Youth Digital Supporters

-In the launch of 18 supporters, resolve the difficulties of small business owners who are unfamiliar with digital environments and promote the development of the community

-The planned and execution of various digital content production projects during the second half of the year


Kakao Games announced today that it held the opening ceremony of the two Youth and Youth Digital Supporters to bridge the digital marginalized gap with the Seongnam Youth Foundation.

‘Youth and Youth Digital Supporters’ is a social contribution program designed to solve the difficulties of small business owners who are unfamiliar with the digital environment and to develop the community.

Kakao Games followed the successful successful supporters, followed by the 2nd supporters for the second half of this year, and finally selected 18 youths and young people through documents and interviews.

The launch ceremony, which was held at the Jungwon Youth Training Center in Seongnam City Youth Foundation on the 3rd, began with the welcome greetings by Lim Ji-hyun, vice president of Kakao Games, and the order of the head of the Strategic Management Headquarters of the Seongnam Youth Foundation It was proceeded.

Kakao Games made a solidarity by delivering the supporters’ T-shirts and activity items with ‘Kakao Friends’ with the commission at this ceremony.

The 2nd Digital Supporters will directly plan and carry out digital content production projects that contain the ideas of supporters, including promotional videos of the traditional market in Seongnam-si, and contribute to the improvement and revitalization of the traditional market.

An official from Kakao Games said, We will actively support 18 selected supporters to provide various ideas to support the digital environment of small business owners in the corona 19 situations.

On the other hand, Kakao Games is a vision of ‘Danachi Game’, which means to make the daily life of the marginalized people through ‘fun of the game’, and ‘Find Friends Game Land’, ‘PC Donation Campaign’, the Future We are carrying out various social contribution activities such as supporting digital education activities to foster talented people.