Xbox Chief explains why there is no new Fable information

For two years ago it was confirmed that the Fable series would be back from Playground Games , which is why fans were quite euphoric. However, from this teaser the new news has been scarce, and now, one of the company’s great managers has mentioned why there is no information.

In a new discussion in Pax West 2022 , the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, said he is eager to reveal more about the game. But, the fact that they want to share more, does not mean that they are ready to reveal what they have been working on. Booty made it clear that nothing is going to be revealed until the study feels that it has something big to show.

Here his statement:

Part of my work is to give the team. They do not want to show things before they are ready to work, but if there is a game in which that changes, in which every time I see something I say: ‘we should show this’, it is flabable. Because there are many great things. Playground has made it very clear that I will not be able to show anything until it is ready.

Remember that the video game is planned to appear at Xbox Series X/S and PC.