American model surprises with Dragon Balls maron cosplay

The world of cosplay is quite interesting, since there are currently people who are dedicated to it as a profession, spending hours in the complexion of their outfits and being rewarded with the sale of prints and subscriptions to Patreon . And now, a girl is surprising the fans of Dragon Ball embodying a certain no canon character.

The girl’s username is Leno Knight , who is dedicated to many branches that range from modeling, music, dance and other things related to art related to visual. She’s having other costumes such as cat woman of DC , to characters from arcane of Riot Games , so she covers from the anime, comics, games and much more.

Here is her photo as Aaron :

In news related to the world of Cosplay . A model of Argentina has surprised the followers of X-Men , since she managed to interpret the beloved character of Psychic exceptionally. If you want to learn more about this news, we invite you to click on the following link.