How to open the hall of a distorted commander in Lost Ark?

Hall of Twisted Warlord is a submission of the abyss in the game Lost Ark. After you successfully unlock the dungeons of the abyss, having fulfilled the quest Waiting and Care in North Vern, you will gain access to this dungeon. In fact, in order to start it, you should not be lower than the level 50 with a level of an object of at least 460. You can start it by just going to the sanctuary of the abyss in any large city or, if you have unlocking it, you can enter an integrated dungeon, pressing Alt + Q. This dungeon is designed for four players.

How to go Hall of the Twisted Warlord at Lost Ark

This is one of the first dungeons of the abyss that you can go in the game, and pass it relatively easily. In the beginning, you have to fight with two bosses: the rook of the ghostly legion and the boat bishop. The most important aspect of this struggle is to remember that when you win one, the other is furious. The best way to do this is to focus on which player the enemies are aimed at.

You can say this by looking at the mini-card and focusing on the players around whom there is a blue circle. The only player without this circle is the one for which they will specifically hunt, which a little simplifies the understanding of who should attack and who should defend himself. This battle is relatively simple, and as soon as you finish, you will meet the third boss: the king of the ghostly legion.

Phantom Legion King really has only two main attacks that occur when it has a strip of health X15 and again with strips of health X5. He will create four swords in the ground, and two of them should be removed by one player, while the other two players are testing for staggering. As soon as it is completed and his health is completely exhausted, you will complete the hall of a distorted commander.

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