Play ELDEN RING with a liquid tab! Pay attention to the struggle of the fader who keeps drawing -clearing with a dance pad in the past

! Note!

The video introduced in this article has a spoiler of ELDEN RING
Please be careful when browsing as it is included.

QUALITY, a game distributor, is trying to clear Elden Ring with liquid crystal tablet as a controller.

ELDEN RING appears with users who want to clear various things, such as the harp and piano of musical instruments, to clear, but in addition to general gameplay, Blood-borne and Dark Souls and Dark Souls in the dance pad. Brazilian game distributor QUALITY, who plays III, is trying to play using the LCD tablet Wacom Tintin Pro 13, which is originally used to create illustrations.

ELDEN RING is also cleared with a dance pad, but at the end of August performed a play using an LCD tablet. As of September 20, Twitch has been struggling to defeat the boss Radar of the Stars.

In addition, an interview with QUALITY has been published in overseas media Kodak, and this distribution is a play using a PC and PlayStation5 via PS Remote Play, and a dance pad for game event PAX WEST. It is said that he was invited to demonstrate the play.

In addition, while the LCD tablet and dance pad are common in that the camera control is difficult, the former cannot continue to enter the key, so it seems that it is necessary to keep drawing in order to move the character.

*Update (2022/9/20 12:49) : The video introduced in this article clearly states that the game spoilers are included, and the text is adjusted to make it easier to read. 。