Google announces the closure of Stadia

Stadia , the game at streaming of Google, will close in January next year.

This was announced by the company through its blog, with a message signed by Phil Harrison and explaining that the difficult decision has been made to close after the service has not achieved, in time That has passed since its launch in 2019, the traction between the users we expected, says Harrison, despite his strong technological base.

Google will reimburse all purchases related to Stadia made through Google and Stadia stores, both hardware and extra games and content; You can access everything purchased until January 18, 2023, the last day of Stadia. In mid-January 2023, Google expects to have completed the majority of returns.

google cloud game technology will not be discarded without more, yes: this decision affects only its consumer version, and Harrison says that it transcends the video game and that has been tested to other scales. There is talk of applications in other parts of Google, from YouTube to the experiments with the increased reality of the company; also to make it available to our companions in the industry for other uses.

We remain deeply committed to video games, ends Harrison, and we will continue to invest in new tools, technologies and platforms that promote the success of developers, industry partners, cloud consumers and creators.

Stadia was announced in early 2019, with a proposal that took weight to the box to put it on the platform as a place. At that time there were functionalities that seemed to have potential, as specific tools to share specific moments of some games, generating dynamic challenges for our community of nearby people. At that time there were those who gave the experiment four years, looking at what Google projects usually last; In the end there have been three.

Along the way, there has been everything: from bad reactions of the industry, such as that of Strauss Selznick, by Take-Two, which was disappointed by the slow premiere of Stadia, to changes in the formula with which they are distributed The benefits to try to attract more titles to a service that never finished starting at all, despite the fact that in these years a high profile games have been released on the platform: at the time, we live a onto of presenting Stadia as The best place where Cyberpunk 2077 played an optimistic reading shared by Phil Harrison himself at the same time the closing of the two internal development studies that should have led the proposal first party of the service was announced. This closure led to a high profile output, such as Jade Raymond, which soon founded another study to which several workers in Stadia were followed.