Fans are angry with the October Games with Gold

Recently, it was announced what are the games that will arrive in October for Games with Gold, which is not worth mentioning are only two this time, Wind bound and Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition. Something that fans of the brand did not like at all, because with each month the lack of effort to give high quality experiences to its subscribers is noted.

To this anger was added the inevitable, because a couple of months ago it was commented that as of October they would no longer be giving retro games, which come from Xbox 360 and Xbox Classic. However, many thought that this sacrifice was to compensate with bigger names, something that obviously did not happen, and the networks caught fire.

Here are some comments:

Is this a joke?

I think it’s time to close the Golden Games, just look at the lousy catalog offered in recent months. Make it available online for free, or simply reduce the value of the golden subscription and leave the games only in Game Pass.

LMAO. Games With Gold is actually dying. Nothing replaces the 360 games at all.

They should get rid of games with Gold and stick to Game Pass. Maybe also get rid of the online payment wall for games.


Finish the Gold subscription and give us multiplayer for free.

For now, Microsoft has not been announced regarding complaints.