Overwatch 2 Best DPI settings and sensitivity

Overwatch 2 is a first-person online player with a growing competitive scene, which means that the ideal goal is becoming more and more important for the destruction of your enemies in the lobby.

Given the mechanics of high mobility and the number of abilities that players can spam in the sequel, tracking and shooting at enemies can be difficult in a situation with high rates. It is here that your dpi settings (dots per inch) and sensitivity enter the game.

Please note that there is no perfect mouse or perfect controller, as well as perfect configurations or settings.

Each player needs to experiment on his own to determine which DPI or sensitivity provides him with a high level of comfort in Overwatch 2.

You can always copy what your favorite Overwatch professionals use, or view the next guide to get a good starting point.

Best DPI and mouse sensitivity in Overwatch 2

Before fighting the mouse settings, be sure to turn off increasing the accuracy of the pointer from the properties of the Windows mouse. Ironically, this provides better accuracy, otherwise your cursor will skip pixels in its application to ensure accuracy.

After that, install/update the proprietary software of your game mouse. Setting up your Poll Frequency to the maximum. This guarantees that the delay between your input data and the system is minimal or absent.

Overwatch 2 has two types of DPI configurations and the sensitivity with which you can play. You can choose a high DPI with low sensitivity or vice versa.

High dpi with low sensitivity
Without going into technical jargon, the mouse installation on the maximum value of DPI, for example 1600 or 1800, increases accuracy. The more DPI you have, the more pixels on the screen can read your cursor when tracking goals.

However, the installation of a high DPI makes your cursor inhumanly fly throughout the screen. To compensate for this, you need to reduce the sensitivity of the mouse somewhere between 5 and 12 percent, depending on their preferences.

Low dpi with moderate sensitivity

Some old school players prefer to do the opposite, because then game mice could only work with a resolution of 400 DPI. Thus, in order to compensate for the incredibly low DPI value, you can increase the sensitivity of the mouse somewhere between 2 and 7 percent.

Trade between high and low sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, the ideal DPI settings and sensitivity do not exist. The only thing you need to solve is a compromise.

High sensitivity will allow you to have quick reflexes. Just a small displacement will allow your cursor to easily follow a running purpose. Nevertheless, twitching sensitivity also means that you can easily experience a decrease in accuracy during shooting.

Low sensitivity is what professionals prefer. They facilitate the fight against the return, and the sight is always in the center, which facilitates hitting the head. The disadvantage, of course, is that you will need to drive a mouse around the table in order to just turn in the game.